Satilla River

2-5 days on the Satilla River

The Satilla River is one of Georgia’s major but relatively unknown rivers. It begins by draining several small counties in Southwest GA and flows over 200 miles before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean just south of Jekyll Island. This river is very dependent on rainwater as you go upstream and can be tidally influenced up to 50 miles from the ocean. Naturally occurring tannins in the water make it tea-colored (black water) and make a lovely contrast to the blinding white sandbars that grace every bend of the upper Satilla. There are a lot of interesting Cypress, Tupelo, Willows, and Birch growing up to the water’s edge and lakes along the river make for easy exploring. The current is generally mellow and makes this river a great choice for anyone, families included, wanting to see a little piece of old south Georgia from a watery perspective. Our multi-day trips can include camping on the sandbars or indoor accommodations at the Satilla Lodge. The Satilla River is a great place to see wildflowers blooming and Swallow-tailed Kites nesting. Starts at $295.00

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